The FSA was founded over fifty years ago by a group of nine people with the purpose of developing an association to build and enhance the relationship between the suppliers, brokers, and manufactures of the food industry and the retailers in the North Texas market. In 1996 the Food Sales Association, in partnership with its members and retailers, began the FSA Scholarship Program and has awarded over $891,500 to 461 high school seniors and adults interested in pursuing a career in the food industry. Today, the Food Sales Association represents over 250 organizations and 600 representatives from national, regional and local companies.

FSA’s Mission Statement

“The Food Sales Association is committed to promoting careers and developing leaders for the retail food industry by annually awarding scholarships to graduating high school students and adults working in area stores. Through the Retailer – FSA Partnership Luncheons, Annual Golf Classic and the Scholarship Awards Banquet,  FSA offers suppliers, DSD’s, brokers and manufacturers the opportunity to communicate and build relationships with area food retailers in the North Texas market.”

The FSA is a professional, 501(c )(3) Non-profit organization.  We sponsor events by hosting a food retailer executive as the guest speaker for our luncheon. FSA Members are able to mingle with retailer management and hear the plans for the company’s future growth and marketing emphasis. FSA is dedicated to providing future leaders for the retail food industry by awarding $2,500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors and adults. Lengths of employment requirements apply to applicants to be eligible for participation.